Embedded Schedule

I am always excited to read what’s new in San Diego. Makes it even better when you can actually explore the whole list. After working hard on tours this single summer I will be fill it with amazing dates and this list is a wonderful starting ground

If you are visiting in San Diego this summer make sure to book your Segway or brewery tour now. We make sure to keep you up to price and date on all local facts.

Who doesn’t love summer. Make sure if you are planning a trip to San Diego this summer you book your tour now. We had a personal best today with 4 tours booked in the same day!!! Very exciting to see how we grow.

As we know San Diego craft beer is some of the best beer in the world. We enjoy teaching on our Brewery tours and it’s the facts like these that make it all the more fun.

We went to an awesome event at Pizza Port Ocean Beach roof top…a dream from the first time I saw it. My first time drinking California Wild Ales and I must say, it’s pretty tasty. I am excited to have some more