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We like that they have made it easy for our guests by breaking this Top 10 Beer list into neighborhoods! Anyone that has been on a tour with us gets to have that lucky inside info One of the many perks of taking a tour with the local tour provider.

When it comes to beer we do not play with 125 we come in at #1 in the nation!! http://timesofsandiego.com/business/2017/06/17/san-diego-county-leads-nation-in-number-of-craft-breweries/

As you all know we love Monkey Paw, we love Half Door so here is some local news about 10 Barrel

As Balboa Park is always full of entertainment and knowledge we always love seeing new performers on tour. Looks like these street dancers are fighting for their space in the park.

This is the best email to get! Thank you Julie for your kind words and helping us live the dream of doing what I love. AMAZING   Email I got last night…. My sister in law, Julie W. and family enjoyed the Segway tour you provided of Balboa Park when they visited last year. My […]