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La Jolla Segway Tour

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 2 Hours
    • Price: $50
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La Jolla Segway Tour

La Jolla Segway Tour

Seals, Segways, and surf. This private La Jolla Segway tour from Adventures in San Diego offers the best mix of natural and man-made beauty. A local San Diego tour guide will show you the most picturesque beaches in the San Diego region. Your private Segway tour adventure will bring you up-close and personal with California seals and sea lions. La Jolla is stunning and is known as a playground for the rich and famous. Real estate in La Jolla is among the most expensive in San Diego and it will be hard to miss the historic and modern architectural mansions embracing the palm-lined streets from your Segway. You will Segway by the landscape and buildings that were the inspiration for Dr. Suess and since you will be on a Segway you will feel like an actual character in Whoville. You will check in on some of the best local surf spots in the San Diego area, while exotic cars cruise by along the incredible La Jolla, California coastline. Of all the areas in San Diego, shopping and dining are world class in La Jolla, so you will Segway by designer goods and oceanfront dining. La Jolla, located in northern San Diego, is the ideal Southern California community. We love to daydream and hope you do too. Fortunately for all of us, this storybook dream is real!

Enjoy this life of luxury and nature on Adventures in San Diego’s 2 hour La Jolla Segway Tour. La Jolla Segway Tours, like all Adventures in San Diego tours are available daily.

Highlights: 2-Hour La Jolla Segway Tour, Private, La Jolla Coast, La Jolla Village, Seals, Sea lions, Mansions

Our tour guides are fun, knowledgeable and entertaining. Adventures in San Diego is a local San Diego company. Adventures in San Diego’s founder and lead tour guide has many years of experience. We are a San Diego small business that will provide you with the tour memory you want and deserve. It’s our pleasure to make sure you love San Diego as much as we do!!


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